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Ford F-150 Street Series Body Kit Grafiti

In general it’s thought that muscle cars are only powerful machines, which means sometimes we forget to incorporate just as much into the appearance. There is a lot to be told about the appearance of a vehicle and the style it holds.

Air Design Ford F-150 Street Series Body Kit

The 2018 F150 is a muscle truck, with a body fully made of aluminum to decrease the weight, with a massive Coyote V8 engine providing 400 horsepower, along with high tech features. To say the least, this truck was born strong, but strong doesn’t take away the elegance and style that could be achieved once we decided to transform it with suspension low to the floor, 24” Forgiato wheels, and Airdesign’s street racing kit to give it an aggressive look that “devours the road”.

Air Design Ford F-150 Street Series Body Kit Graffiti

When we went to California I found this beautiful graffiti, that put me in an artistic trance and aroused my creative side with emotions and sensations. It was inevitable to take a picture of the truck next to the graffiti and while doing so, it made me realize that each personalized car is a work of art in itself. Our in particular reflected in its ivory silver color, the warm light of a sunset, a light that gave us a feeling of peace. It brought us back to the moment we installed the body kit, which put a smile on our face to see our work so beautifully displayed once finished.

Air Design Ford F-150 Body Kit

Air Design Ford F-150

Air Design Ford F-150 Splitter

Air Design Ford F-150 Hood Scoop

Air Design Ford F-15o Sunset

Air Design Ford F-150 Forgiato Rim

Air Design Ford F-150 Fender Vent

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